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Business News/ Technology / Tech Reviews/  GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar review: Is the brand's first India-made device worth buying?

GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar review: Is the brand's first India-made device worth buying?

The GOVO GoSurround 975 is the newest entrant in the soundbar market, offering a competitive price in this category. In this review, we look at the features and performance of the soundbar while determining who should buy this and who should skip it.

GOVO GoSurround 975 is complete package in a budget.Premium
GOVO GoSurround 975 is complete package in a budget.

Launching a soundbar in 2024 is a risky undertaking simply owing to the ocean of options that are ready to purchase across various budgets. When GOVO launched its latest soundbar, the GOVO GoSurround 975, the lede was its ‘Made-in-India’ tag along with Dolby Atmos support. However, is this enough to woo buyers in India's saturated market

Should you spend your money on this soundbar? What are its standout features? Does it add value to your overall entertainment setup? We explore these questions and more in our detailed review below.

Currently, the audio market in India is dominated by international brands such as Bose, JBL, and Marshall. While these brands offer excellent products, they often fail to acknowledge the nuances of India's diverse soundscapes. The GOVO GoSurround 975, priced at 12,999 at launch claims to bridge this gap. We tested the soundbar extensively with different content articles, such as cross-genre music, news, sports, movies, games and more to help you make a purchase decision.

Specifications of GOVO GoSurround 975Details
Channel Configuration2.1.2
Peak Power Output400W
Subwoofer Size6.5 inches
Dolby AtmosYes
Equalizer ModesMovie, Music, News
Connectivity OptionsHDMI ARC, Bluetooth 5.3, AUX, USB, Optical
Bluetooth Version5.3
Control PanelIntegrated Controls
Remote ControlIncluded
DisplayLED Display
Included AccessoriesRemote Control, Power Cable, AUX Cable, User Manual, Wall-Mount Kit
Price 12,999

How is the design and build quality of  the GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar?

The GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar catches your attention right out of the box with its modern design and premium feel. In the looks department, the GOVO soundbar is a top-notch contender. Its matte black finish lends it a refined character that will accentuate your home entertainment setup. It's noteworthy that even though the materials used are majorly plastic, they don't take away from its premium feel and sturdiness. This soundbar isn’t just about aesthetics; its construction reflects the needs people have with a mid-range soundbar. In addition, its 6.5-inch subwoofer is also lightweight in case you are always moving it around, although we suggest using the soundbar in your living room for a truly atmospheric experience.

Check out the product below:

The GoSurround 975 is easy to integrate into your entertainment setup. You can place it below your TV or mount it on the wall using the included wall-mount kit without requiring professional help. My biggest problem with other sounbards in this price range is that they often take up a lot of space and get in the way of your TV content. But GOVO got that right with this one -  this soundbar will help you maintain a clean and organised look.

What's in the GOVO GoSurround 975 box?

Included in the package are essential accessories like a remote control, power cable, AUX cable, and a user manual. The remote control is compact and easy to use, allowing for effortless navigation through different modes and settings. However, it is important to note that the paint and finish on the subwoofer is prone to scuffs and chipping and will require additional care.

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How does the GOVO GoSurround 975 perform?

The GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar performs admirably in delivering a high-quality audio experience that bolsters any home entertainment setup. We don't say this lightly, especially in this budget category. Its sound quality is clear and balanced for every dialogue, musical note, and sound effect. The bass response, powered by the 6.5-inch subwoofer, is deep and rich, adding depth to action-packed scenes and your music. However, in our testing, we found that mild melodies and rhythms are best enjoyed without the subwoofer.

The distinctive feature of the GoSurround 975 is its Dolby Atmos capability. This technology brings a new dimension to audio, especially noticeable in movies and gaming if you're an ardent listener. The upward-firing speakers create a 3D audio effect, making you feel as if the sound has surrounded you. Expect explosions (on screen, of course), footsteps, and ambient noises to sound more realistic.

Even then, the soundbar faces hiccups here and there. You can read our use case specifics below.

Gaming performance with the GOVO GoSurround 975

While gaming, we experienced that the bass overpowered the milder in-game sounds like distant firing noise, faint footsteps, and reloading. It is important to note that we only encountered this in combat games like Call of Duty, PUBG PC, and Valorant. The performance in racing, arcade, and strategy games was seamless and the gamer in you will be satisfied with its delivery.

Watching news and movies with the GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar

We tested the GOVO GoSurround 975 with news, daily soaps, web series and movies in different regional languages of India including Hindi and English. The aim was to determine the finesse with which the soundbar handles different dialects. 

What did we find? The soundbar does what it promises, delivering good quality sound across the board. However, users might feel excessive bass at times, but like most things in modern tech, it can be customised with the remote controller. The treble at default settings does a good job, but might need to be adjusted if you are consuming content with a lot of action scenes, or a horror movie that promises multiple jump scares.

GOVO GoSurround 975
View Full Image
GOVO GoSurround 975

What are the features of the GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar?

The GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar is packed with features designed to spice up your home entertainment experience. We think they got this right on many fronts - the Dolby Atmos functionality is definitely a worthy selling point, for it provides an immersive 3D audio experience, making you feel like you're part of the action. The soundbar also includes Bluetooth 5.3, allowing seamless wireless streaming from your smartphone or tablet with improved range and stability. But to be fair, this much is expected if you're shelling out 12,999 on a soundbar, right?

You get comprehensive and versatile connectivity options including HDMI ARC for high-quality audio transmission, USB for direct media playback, AUX, and Optical inputs. These options ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices, from TVs and gaming consoles to media players and mobile devices. In essence, you can go crazy with all your media and expect the soundbar to deliver, because it will.

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The GoSurround 975 also features three equaliser modes — Movie, Music, and News — allowing you to optimise audio settings for different types of content. The integrated controls on the soundbar, along with the included remote control, make it easy to switch between modes, adjust volume, and tweak audio settings. Unfortunately, we weren't able to notice much difference in these modes, unless you're streaming at extremely high volume. An average listener or user might not be able to tell the difference between the 3 modes right off the bat, but they will be noticeable for a seasoned audiophile. It is also crucial to note that Dolby Atmos only works on the HDMI Arc mode.

How easy is it to set up the GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar?

Setting up the GoSurround 975 is straightforward and the design is quite user-friendly. The HDMI ARC connection simplifies the process, reducing the need for multiple cables by allowing both audio and video signals to be transmitted through a single cable. The LED display provides clear status updates, making it easy to see which mode or input is active.

Who should buy the GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar?

The GOVO GoSurround 975 is perfect for movie enthusiasts, gamers, and music lovers seeking a unique audio experience at an attractive price point. Its Dolby Atmos technology, powerful bass, and versatile connectivity make it ideal for those who want good quality sound in an attractive looking device. If you appreciate a slim design profile, an easy setup mechanism, and advanced features such as 3D audio, versatile connectivity and the trust of Dolby Atmos, this soundbar is worth considering.

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Who should not buy the GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar?

The GOVO GoSurround 975 may not be suitable for those on a tight budget or individuals with very limited space. Its premium features come at a higher price point than compared to entry-level soundbars that might suffice your everyday listening needs. What we're trying to say is that you might find more economical options with a sound that gets close to this soundbar's. Also, the price tag might not be justifiable for casual listeners or those who don't require advanced audio technology.  If you need extensive support for legacy devices with older connectivity options, it's a good idea to skip this soundbar.

Are other options in this price range better than GOVO GoSurround 975 soundbar?

When compared to competitors like the JBL Cinema SB241, ZEBRONICS Zeb-Juke BAR 9500WS PRO, and boAt Aavante Bar Orion Plus, the GoSurround 975 holds its ground. While the JBL Cinema SB241 offers good bass and sound clarity, it lacks the immersive Dolby Atmos experience. The ZEBRONICS model offers higher output power but comes at a higher price point. The boAt Aavante Bar Orion Plus is a strong contender with its Bluetooth 5.3 and multiple EQ modes but again, falls short in delivering the Atmos experience. 

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Should you buy the GOVO GoSurround 975?

The GOVO GoSurround 975 is worth considering if you're looking for powerful sound delivery in this budget, but your purchase depends on how you intend to use it. This soundbar is best suited for movie buffs, gamers, and music enthusiasts who value high-quality sound and advanced features like Dolby Atmos. Its easy-to-move design, simple features, and versatile connectivity options make it a great addition to any modern home entertainment setup.

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If you're in the market for a soundbar that combines performance, aesthetics, and value, the GoSurround 975 is a strong contender, if not the only one. There are alternatives like the JBL Cinema SB241 and boAt Aavante Bar Orion Plus, but the GoSurround 975 catches the eye with its 3D audio capabilities and extensive feature set. If that's not something that particularly matters to your use you, you could grab a cheaper soundbar. The soundbar is available on Amazon at a discounted price, and we find it to be a bang for your buck. 

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