You know those bulky, yet functional office laptops for employees? The Lenovo ThinkBook 15 is one such device, and is targeted at small businesses, though individuals and students can also buy them.

You wouldn’t call the ThinkBook 15 a particularly sleek device. At 1.8 kg, it’s heavy with a metallic top cover, but the overall design feels rather plastic-like. It does, however, fit the definition of a modern notebook, but at a cheaper price point, starting at around 31,000.

The same goes for the laptop’s performance. Lenovo offers up to 24GB RAM and up to the 10th generation Intel Core i6 hexa core processor. Our review unit was the i7 version, and it was more than enough to run Microsoft Office apps and Google Docs, and for web browsing, media streaming, etc.—essentially, for most home, student or office use cases. The laptop also has a fingerprint sensor built inside the power button, making it simpler to sign in and more secure. The fingerprint sensor is likely aimed at enterprise users. Having said that, there are quite a few issues with Thinkbook 15, starting with the touchpad. It supports most Windows gestures by default, but you will have to enable the two-finger right click from the registry editor. The touchpad isn’t the smoothest either and it’s often difficult to scroll on certain apps and software.

Similarly, the viewing angles on the display are average at best. So, even though the full high definition (FHD) resolution suits more users, colour shifts will be a problem while watching movies. It also means the laptop isn’t suited for anyone whose primary requirement is a good screen, for work or otherwise.

In sum, the Lenovo Thinkbook 15 makes for a decent laptop for first-time users, or for those with limited needs. Power users, or those with special work requirements, should look at other options.


  • Simple yet modern design
  • Dependable battery life


  • Touchpad is difficult to use
  • Display viewing angles are sub-par

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