The MSI P65 8RE Creator
The MSI P65 8RE Creator

MSI P65 8RE Creator review: Premium notebook for creators with moderate gaming needs

  • The new MSI P65 8RE Creator notebook is priced at 1,59,990
  • The MSI P65 8RE is ideal for users who don't want a high end notebook just for gaming and might need it for other works like designing or editing

New Delhi: Big screen notebooks for gamers and creators are getting slimmer and smaller. Most of them now weigh around 2kg and can fit into regular-sized bags comfortably. With the new MSI P65 8RE Creator notebook, priced at 1,59,990, Taiwanese company MSI is taking portability in big screen notebooks to the next level.


Most gaming notebooks are designed to stand out from the crowd and often have a unique shape or pattern etched on the back. They also have LED lights which glow or flicker. Using these notebooks at workplace or meetings can be distracting. This is where MSI's new notebook makes a strong case for itself.

It has a very straightforward design with flat back. It also looks and feels premium with the brushed aluminium finish, thin bezel design (4.9mm), slim form factor (17.9mm). Also, at 1.8kg, the P65 8RE is one of the lightest 15-inch screen notebooks equipped with a dedicated GPU from Nvidia GTX 10 series. Asus VivoBook S series notebooks are lighter and slimmer but they run the entry level M150 GPU by Nvidia.


The 15.6-inch screen is the new 14-inch in notebooks. The P65 8RE has a 15.6-inch IPS screen with a resolution of 1,920x1,080p and refresh rate of 144Hz, which is what most of the gaming notebooks including the new Alienware M15 offer. The P65 8RE has a sharp and vivid screen backed by a MSI’s True Colour Technology, which offers different colour modes optimised for six different scenarios. Visibility from wide angles is impressive and due to the anti-glare coating, the screen doesn't reflect in bright rooms.


By leaving out the numeric pad in the P65 8RE, MSI has managed to allocate more space to the primary keys. The keys are backlit, look bigger and have ample space between them, resulting in a more accurate typing experience. The speaker is placed right on top of the keyboard. The connectivity options are evenly distributed on both sides, so no one side would get cluttered with cables. The options include a LAN port, HDMI (4K @60Hz), Type-C and USB 3.0.


Powering the MSI notebook is Intel’s 8th gen Core i7-8750H processor with up to 32GB RAM and 512GB SSD in tow. The there is Nvidia’s dedicated GTX 1060 (6GB) graphics card to provide the firepower for gaming and other graphic intensive tasks like video editing. To optimise the resources, the notebook has a dedicated interface called Dragon Centre where users can see how much of resources are being used, free up memory and clean up disks. It also has different modes where the hardware is optimised according to the requirements of the task. For creators, this is a pretty powerful notebook capable of handling video and photo editing with ease. Gaming performance it fell short of expectations, and we found it struggling with new games like Assassins’ Creed Odyssey.

Unlike some of the previous MSI notebooks we have used, there were no heating issues as the P65 8RE uses dual fans to keep the heat in check.


The MSI P65 8RE is ideal for users who don't want a high end notebook just for gaming and might need it for other works like designing or editing. Its small footprint and light form-factor enhances its wow factor. However, if you don’t want to compromise on your gaming experience, you can go for other options in similar price point like the new Alienware M15 ( 1,51,190). It runs on the same Core i7 8th gen processor and has 512GB SSD like P65 8RE and, but it runs on a far more superior GeForce RTX 2060 (6GB) graphics by Nvidia. Not only is the RTX 2060 faster and can handle new games better, but it also offers features like Ray Tracing which can handle finer nuances like shadows and reflections in games better.