Starts at  ₹94,990
Starts at 94,990

Panasonic Lumix DC-G95: A mirrorless camera for creators

  • Pros: Touchscreen navigation is easy to use; it can be directly charged via USB
  • Cons: Average battery backup; has only one memory card slot

Aimed at professional content creators, Panasonic’s new Lumix DC-G95 is a compact mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens and a bevy of video-centric features.

It retains the functional design of its predecessor with subtle tweak, but is still no match for the more polished Sony mirrorless cameras.

But what Panasonic lacks in looks, it makes up for in user convenience by offering a wide-hand grip for more comfortable single-handed use. The magnesium body with coarse texture and the fact that it is also splash resistant adds to the ruggedness. With battery and a 60mm lens, it weighs about 646g, similar to its competition.

It offers an improved 20MP sensor, can record videos in 4K resolution and Full HD videos at 120fps. It also supports the V-Log L function, a proprietary feature which allows wider dynamic range of up to 12 stops. Dynamic range is the range of light a camera sensor can see and is measured in stops.

The camera’s 5-axis dual image stabilization works well. Even while shooting with one hand, it captures pretty stable photos and videos. The camera is fast and 4K videos and photos shot in well-lit conditions look impressive. While it supports unlimited recording, there’s only one card slot. An additional slot would have come in very handy. The Lumix DC-G95 costs more than the predecessor, but it introduces a lot of new features which will appeal to content creators.