Revered for their compact design, mirrorless cameras are becoming smaller than ever. The new Sigma fp is by far the smallest and lightest full frame (35mm) mirrorless camera measuring 112.6×69.9×45.3mm and weighing just 422g. In comparison, the Nikon Z6 weighs 675g. It is ideal for users who shoot lots of photos and videos on the go.

Adding to the compact looks is the camera’s industrial design with full metal casing. While all these design elements work in favour of the camera, Sigma has made some drastic design changes that many users are not ready for yet. For instance, there is no viewfinder which means users rely entirely on screen to see what they are capturing. The screen supports touch, but it’s fixed and cannot be tilted upward or downward, limiting the ability to take shots from waist height or even a top down video in crowded areas.

Also, the camera doesn’t have a hand grip, unlike the Nikon Z6, which means you will have to get a detachable hand grip or a gimbal for better grip while shooting videos and photos. Ramesh Pathania, photojournalist at Mint, liked the camera’s small size, industrial design and simple controls. “Controls are simple and the camera output is fabulous. Darker areas look well lit, detailing is impressive and every colour stands out. This can be a great compact camera for movie makers to make 4K videos with a gimbal and a mounted viewfinder," he added.

The Sigma fp supports the L mount standard, which means it will work with any Panasonic, Sigma and Leica lenses that are part of L mount alliance. At 1.99 lakh (body only), the Sigma fp is a high end camera with lots of features for creators. While the compact size makes it very desirable, the absence of some key features will also make it unpopular with many.

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