NEW DELHI : The WI-C200 headphones from Sony are a peculiar set of headphones. While the cheaper price segments in India are usually marked by emphasis on bass, which often compromises high- and mid-ranged audio, the C200 takes the opposite route. It’s focused on the high notes, putting mids second and then bass.

It’s a brave route for a market like India, where listeners usually care for bass more than anything else. Most headphones are judged primarily on how well they handle the bass notes.

You would be forgiven for not liking the audio experience on these headphones, because of this very reason. However, the C200 delivers just enough bass to keep things energetic where required.

Take Lazarus by Porcupine Tree for example. The song sounds excellent in the soothing opening moments, where it’s just vocals, guitars and piano. The drums kick in at the one minute mark, but it’s not meant to be very loud, thumping bass, which the WI-C200 handles with ease.

In essence, those who listen to bass-driven music like EDM will perhaps find the WI-C200 somewhat disappointing. Indian music like Rowdy Baby by Dhanush will lack the impact the beats should have.

However, if your music tastes are more eclectic, these are a great pair of headphones to buy.

On the whole, the WI-C200 may not suit every listener, but they have something to offer for everyone. Which is something we can say for very few affordable headphones today.

Are there better headphones in the market? Sure, but in this price range, the Sony WI-C200 is certainly among the best. If you want more pronounced bass, Sony’s own WI-C310 costs 500 more and have what you need. The Realme Buds Air are also an option, but only if you really want true wireless buds.

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