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Business News/ Technology / Top 5 refrigerators in India: Best multidoor models for your home

Top 5 refrigerators in India: Best multidoor models for your home

Explore the top 5 refrigerators available in India with multi-door design and cutting-edge technologies that provide modern residences with exceptional cooling efficiency and convenient storage.

Multi-door refrigerators are a good way of ensuring sufficient storage for your food and beverages. (Pixabay)Premium
Multi-door refrigerators are a good way of ensuring sufficient storage for your food and beverages. (Pixabay)

Here is the comprehensive guide to the top 5 refrigerators available in India, with an emphasis on multidoor models that provide the highest level of utility and innovation. These top 5 refrigerators stand out for their remarkable features, superior design, and efficiency in a market full of possibilities.

India's dynamic homes need refrigeration systems that embrace modern improvements and meet a variety of demands. Modern houses' cooling experience has been redefined by the rise of multidoor refrigerators as the pinnacle of innovation. These gadgets transform food availability and preservation by combining elegance with functionality. A key factor in maintaining both optimum performance and sustainability was energy efficiency. The usefulness of advanced cooling technologies, including multiple airflow systems and precise temperature control, in preserving food freshness was carefully examined.

The ability of storage to be versatile was a major factor in selecting the best models. Efficiently meeting a variety of storage requirements, these refrigerators included adjustable shelves, roomy interiors, specific areas for fruits, vegetables, and drinks, and separate sections for meats and deli products.

The top 5 refrigerators to be featured each represent a distinctive combination of efficiency, innovation, and usability that meets the changing needs of Indian homes in terms of lifestyle. These multidoor models are at the edge of refrigeration technology, whether it's for preserving food longer, using less energy, or providing unmatched convenience.

Come along on this journey and learn about refrigeration innovation as we read about the features, advantages, and unique qualities of these leading rivals. Our goal is to help you make a wise and satisfying decision for your house. 

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Product Description

1. Samsung 580 L, Inverter, Frost-Free French Door Side-By-Side Refrigerator (Rf57A5032S9/Tl, Refined Inox, Convertible, Silver, 2023 Model)

This large-capacity French door refrigerator has features to help keep your food fresh while being easy on your energy bill. The auto-defrost function means you'll never have to manually defrost the freezer compartment again, and the bottom freezer opens from the top for simple access to ice and frozen snacks. The digital inverter compressor automatically adjusts speed in response to cooling demands, which makes for quieter operation and less energy usage. You'll enjoy years of reliable performance with the 20-year warranty on the compressor. Inside there are multiple compartments for organizing your groceries, including two deep drawers, three tuffened-glass shelves in the fridge and ample room for large items like gallon jugs and multipacks. The antibacterial gasket and ice and water dispenser outside make it easy to enjoy filtered cold water and ice when you need it, so you can stay refreshed. This refrigerator aims to make your life a bit simpler and more convenient with innovative technology that doesn't impact your energy bill too much.

Specifications of Samsung 580 L, Inverter, Frost-Free French Door Side-By-Side Refrigerator

  • Capacity: 580 Liters
  • Type: Frost-Free French Door Side-By-Side
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Convertible: Yes
  • Color: Refined Inox (Silver)
  • Additional Features: Digital Inverter Compressor, Spacious Interior


Large 580 L capacity suitable for big families

Higher price point

Inverter technology for energy efficiency

May require more space due to its size

Convertible and versatile storage options


Modern design with refined inox finish


Frost-free technology



2. Panasonic 551 L with Inverter Multi-Door Refrigerator (NR-CY550QKXZ, Sparkling Black Steel)

This multi-door refrigerator gives your family more than enough space for all those leftovers and snacks. With five spacious compartments, including the freezer, you'll have room for stocking up without ever having to go out to shop. The automated defrost means no more waiting for the ice to melt so you can retrieve items stuck at the back. The inverter compressor quietly works away, keeping things chilled, while also saving energy compared to a standard compressor. The AG Clean function uses natural deactivators to neutralize bacteria and molds that can spoil food and make family members ill. Prime Fresh freezing at around -3 degrees Celsius, lightly freezes food, maintaining freshness longer for those items you buy in bulk. This refrigerator comes with all you need including the manual, warranty information, and even a warranty on the compressor for a decade.

Specifications of Panasonic 551 L with Inverter Multi-Door Refrigerator

  • Capacity: 551 Liters
  • Type: Multi-Door
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Color: Sparkling Black Steel
  • Additional Features: Intelligent sensors, Econavi technology for energy saving


Spacious 551 L capacity

May be too large for smaller kitchens

Inverter technology saves energy

Premium pricing

Elegant sparkling black steel exterior


Multi-door design for better organization


Equipped with intelligent sensors



3. Whirlpool 260 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator(FP 283D Protton Roy, Alpha Steel)

This Whirlpool refrigerator’s 260-liter capacity and Multi-Door design provide ample storage for a medium-sized family, while the frost-free technology ensures food stays fresh longer with less ice buildup. The Alpha Steel exterior and special Stabilizer-Free operation keep this fridge running smoothly even during voltage fluctuations, so you can rely on it to keep your groceries in tip-top condition. Inside, features like the Zeolite Technology, Moisture Retention Technology, Fruit Crisper, and Deli Zone bins provide customized storage environments to extend the life of your perishables. The Air Booster circulates cold air rapidly throughout the interior, while the energy-efficient design keeps running costs low. Backed by a 1-year product warranty and 10-year compressor warranty, this refrigerator delivers performance, reliability and space-saving design to transform your kitchen.

Specifications of Whirlpool 260 L Frost Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

  • Capacity: 260 Liters
  • Type: Frost-Free Multi-Door
  • Color: Alpha Steel
  • Additional Features: 3 Door format for better organization, MicroBlock technology to prevent bacterial growth


Compact size suitable for smaller spaces

Limited capacity for larger families

Frost-free technology

Less advanced features

MicroBlock technology prevents bacteria


3-door format for better organization


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4. Hisense 507 L Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator with Water Dispenser (RQ507N4SSVW, Silver Stainless Steel Finish)

This multi-door refrigerator from Hisense keeps food fresh and families happy. Its Auto Defrost function prevents ice build-up, while the 507-liter capacity is perfect for larger households. The 192-liter freezer and 315-liter fresh food compartments offer ample space for all your items, and the water dispenser provides convenient filtered water at the touch of a button. Hisense backs this refrigerator with a 1-year comprehensive warranty and a 10-year compressor warranty for peace of mind. Adjustable spill-proof glass shelves make organizing a breeze. The My Fresh Choice Zone can switch between fridge and freezer temperatures from -18°C to -5°C, giving you flexibility. The inverter compressor ensures energy-efficient and quiet operation for years to come. With its spacious layout and innovative features, this Hisense refrigerator helps keep your food fresher for longer so you can focus on what matters most.

Specifications of Hisense 507 L Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator

  • Capacity: 507 Liters
  • Type: Frost-Free Multi-Door
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Color: Silver Stainless Steel Finish
  • Additional Features: Water Dispenser, Total No Frost Technology


507 L capacity ideal for medium-sized families

Might be oversized for small apartments

Inverter compressor for energy efficiency

Limited color options

Water dispenser adds convenience


Frost-free operation


Sleek silver stainless steel finish



5. Godrej 670 L Multi Door, Triple Zones with Convertible Mode, Advanced Controls Frost Free Inverter Refrigerator(2023 Model, RM EONVELVET 685 RIT GR BK, Graphite Black)

This triple zone refrigerator from Godrej takes convenience and style to a whole new level. With a massive 670-liter capacity, it has ample space for large Indian families. The innovative convertible freezer allows you to switch between fridge and freezer modes with just the touch of a button, giving you ultimate temperature control and flexibility to store all your food the way you want. The advanced inverter compressor and frost-free technology ensure consistent cooling performance while minimizing energy consumption and maintenance. The sleek graphite black exterior and spacious interior with multiple shelves and compartments provide optimal organization for your groceries. With a 10-year warranty on the compressor and 1-year comprehensive coverage, you can chill with confidence that this refrigerator will keep your food fresh for years to come.

Specifications of Godrej 670 L Multi Door, Triple Zones with Convertible Mode, Advanced Controls Frost Free Inverter Refrigerator

  • Capacity: 670 Liters
  • Type: Multi Door, Triple Zone
  • Inverter Technology: Yes
  • Convertible Mode: Yes
  • Color: Graphite Black
  • Additional Features: Advanced temperature controls, Large storage capacity



Very large 670 L capacity for ample storage

High cost

Triple zones for customized temperature control

Requires significant kitchen space

Convertible mode for flexibility

May be too complex for basic needs

Advanced control features


Modern graphite black design


Three best feature for consumers:


ProductFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3

Samsung 580 L (Rf57A5032S9/Tl)

Inverter Technology

Convertible Storage Options


Panasonic 551 L (NR-CY550QKXZ)

Energy-Saving Inverter

Elegant Multi-Door Design

Intelligent Sensors

Whirlpool 260 L (FP 283D Protton Roy)

Compact Size

Frost-Free Operation

MicroBlock Technology

Hisense 507 L (RQ507N4SSVW)

Water Dispenser

Inverter Compressor

Frost-Free Multi-Door


Large 670 L Capacity

Triple Zones with Convertible Mode

Advanced Temperature Controls

Best value for money product

Take your refrigerator to a higher level of cool with the Samsung 580 L French Door Side-by-Side Refrigerator. Its digital inverter compressor automatically adjusts speed based on cooling demand for quieter operation and uses less energy. Enjoy its spacious 381-liter fresh food capacity, including two adjustable shelves, two crisper drawers and six-bottle storage spots. The 199-liter bottom freezer gives you convenient access to frozen favorites. The non-plumbing water and ice dispenser provides chilled water, crushed ice and cubed ice on demand. A tough tempered glass shelf and anti-bacterial gasket help keep foods fresher longer. This smart refrigerator offers energy efficiency, performance and storage capacity to transform your kitchen into a sleek, organized oasis.

Best overall product

Hisense 507 L Inverter Frost-Free Multi-Door Refrigerator is perfect for larger families who value convenience and efficiency. The auto defrost function prevents annoying ice build up so you can focus on stocking up that 507 liter capacity. With separate freezer and fresh food compartments, you'll have plenty of space for weekly grocery hauls while still keeping ice cream frozen solid. The spill-proof adjustable glass shelves make cleanup a breeze. Plus the innovative digital inverter compressor operates silently while saving energy and lasting for years. All of that convenience comes with a one-year product warranty and 10-year compressor warranty, so you can feel confident this refrigerator will keep your food cold and organized for the long haul.

How to Find the Best Multidoor Refrigerators?

To choose the finest multidoor refrigerator for your requirements, you need to take into account a number of important factors:

  • Size and area: To make sure the refrigerator fits properly, measure the area that is available in your kitchen. Think about how much space your home needs for storing things.
  • Energy Efficiency: To save money on electricity bills and lessen your influence on the environment, look for models with high Energy Star ratings.
  • Functionality and options: Consider options like humidity settings, temperature control, movable shelves, and sections designated for certain food kinds.
  • Technology and Innovation: Look for cutting-edge cooling solutions with multi-airflow systems, accurate temperature controls, and intelligent features like app integration or Wi-Fi access for remote control and monitoring.
  • User Interface and Usability: Take into account aspects that are convenient for you to use, such as user-friendly interfaces, simple controls, and accessibility features.
  • Design Aesthetics: Although utility is important, think about how the refrigerator's style fits with the overall aesthetics of your kitchen.
  • Space Organization: Evaluate how effectively the inside arrangement of the refrigerator meets your demands. It's essential to include features like movable shelves, door sections, and flexible storage.


Question : Are refrigerators with several doors more energy-efficient than others?

Ans : Because they have distinct cooling systems for each compartment and superior insulation, multidoor freezers often consume less energy because users can only access the portion they need to access, reducing the amount of cold air loss.

Question : Do refrigerators with several doors need additional upkeep?

Ans : They may need a little more upkeep because of its many seals and chambers. For best results, it is advised to clean and maintain the door seals in each segment on a regular basis.

Question : Can trays or bigger objects be stored in multidoor refrigerators?

Ans : Some multidoor variants include roomy compartments and movable shelves, making it easy to accommodate trays or bigger goods. Sizes and settings, however, could differ throughout models.

Question : Do refrigerators with multiple doors make more noise than regular models?

Ans : Generally speaking, multidoor refrigerators may make a little bit more noise since they have extra compressors and fans for each compartment. However, noise reduction technology is often included with sophisticated versions.

Question : Are multidoor refrigerators good for little kitchens or places that are limited?

Ans : It is dependent upon the refrigerator's particular measurements. While there are tiny versions made to accommodate smaller kitchens, certain multidoor models may have a bigger footprint. Before making a purchase, be sure to check the measurements.

Disclaimer: At Livemint, we help you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and products. Mint has an affiliate partnership, so we may get a part of the revenue when you make a purchase. We shall not be liable for any claim under applicable laws, including but not limited to the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, with respect to the products. The products listed in this article are in no particular order of priority.

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