2008 Mumbai Attack News


Remembrance of things past: The three nights that redefined us

A decade on, how prepared are we to deal with a repeat of 26/11? The attacks had a limited political fallout, and helped India strengthen its position diplomatically by getting the world to recognize Pakistan as a terror hub. Mint takes stock of the situation

8 min read26 Nov 2018

26/11 anniversary: Why security remains a Mumbai state of mind

Some private properties are secure, ready to counter another attack. However, vast swathes of the city remain vulnerable

9 min read27 Nov 2018

Opinion | 10 years since 26/11: Lessons for Indian politicians in handling terrorism

At least politicians can create common political consensus on terrorism

4 min read25 Nov 2018

Opinion | Mumbai terror strike: A footnote in history

A decade on, 26/11, for all the optics that it generated, is no more than that

3 min read26 Nov 2018

Opinion | India is not better prepared than 2008

Shortage of human intelligence results in relying more on technical methods which in turn churn up unmanageable volumes of information

4 min read26 Nov 2018

26/11 attacks: 10 years later, a new fear haunts

Ten years is a long time for someone like me who was trapped in the Taj Mahal Hotel that night and had endured several traumatic hours, but who, in the end, escaped with her loved ones, physically unhurt but for a broken fingernail

2 min read23 Nov 2018

Mumbai attacks anniversary: How a wedding reception turned into a life lesson for a reporter

A former Mint staffer chronicles how she escaped the Taj Mahal hotel during the Mumbai terror attack. Now, a decade later, she looks back at the life-changing incident and says she has new learnings, more relevant to the times that we are living in

9 min read25 Nov 2018

Pakistan edict proscribing Hafiz Saeed outfit lapses

Imran Khan government does not seem to have extended the ordinance—that put Hafiz Saeed’s Jamaat-ud-Dawa and its associate group FIF in the banned list—and neither has it attempted to turn it into law

1 min read26 Oct 2018

‘Hotel Mumbai’ recounts horrors, courage in 2008 attack

'Hotel Mumbai' received a standing ovation over the weekend for its searing, vivid dramatization of the events at the opulent Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, targeted by Lashkar-e-Taiba militants in 2008

3 min read11 Sep 2018

Pakistan NSC says Nawaz Sharif’s remarks on Mumbai attacks are ‘misleading’

Pakistan's National Security Council reviewed the Nawaz Sharif's statement about the 2008 Mumbai attacks and unanimously termed the remarks as incorrect and misleading

2 min read14 May 2018
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