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OpenAI update: Whistleblowers ask US regulator to examine the ChatGPT maker’s NDAs with employees

OpenAI whistleblower update: OpenAI whistleblowers urged the US SEC to investigate company’s employee contracts regarding AI technology risks. SEC has been asked to enforce rules against NDAs hindering employees from raising concerns.

2 min read16 Jul 2024

ChatGPT maker OpenAI developing new breakthrough reasoning technology code-named ‘Strawberry’. Why is it important?

Under the project name ’Strawberry,’ OpenAI is working on enhancing the reasoning capabilities of its AI models, enabling them to answer complex science and math questions and conduct autonomous internet research.

1 min read13 Jul 2024

Two 80-something journalists tried ChatGPT. Then, they sued to protect the ’written word’

Two 80-something journalists tried ChatGPT. Then, they sued to protect the ’written word’

6 min read12 Jul 2024

Tech Mahindra’s Project Indus develops Indian LLM under $5 million, an alternative to ChatGPT

Tech Mahindra’s CP Gurnani successfully developed Project Indus, a large-language model under $5 million. Altman’s challenge sparked Gurnani’s determination to showcase India’s AI capabilities. The project aims to revolutionize AI communication in India and beyond.

2 min read3 Jul 2024

As OpenAI threatens to block access to APIs in China, local players eye the AI industry pie. We explain

With OpenAI likely to shut API access for AI products to Chinese developers in July, local players have risen to the opportunity. Alibaba Group, Baidu Inc. and Tencent Holdings are offering incentives in what many see as an industry “shake-up” that could see only the big players survive.

3 min read28 Jun 2024

ChatGPT down for thousands of users globally. OpenAI says ‘working on a fix’

Popular AI chatbot ChatGPT experiences global outage with users unable to access. OpenAI acknowledges issue and is working on a fix. Downdetector reports spike in outage reports around 1pm.

1 min read4 Jun 2024

Nvidia may surpass Apple as world’s second-most valuable company due to boost from AI applications

Due to AI adoption, Nvidia could surpass Apple as the world’s second-most valuable company. Apple lost the No. 1 spot to Microsoft, facing weak iPhone demand—it was last valued at $2.92 trillion. Nvidia’s stock tripled in value to $2.68 trillion on high demand for its chips in AI applications.

2 min read1 Jun 2024

From RAGs to vectors: How businesses are customizing AI models

Here’s a guide to popular tools and techniques businesses rely on to take generative AI to the next level.

2 min read22 May 2024

Scarlett Johansson ‘shocked and angered’ after OpenAI allegedly uses her voice without consent for chatbot ‘Sky’

Actress Scarlett Johansson has claimed that OpenAI used a voice for their new ChatGPT 4o chatbot that she found eerily similar to her own, despite having declined the company’s request to use her voice.

3 min read21 May 2024

OpenAI unveils GPT-4o: From excitement, worry, warnings & memes — Here’s how the Internet reacted to the AI conversation

OpenAI’s GPT-4o model, with enhanced audio features for real-time conversations, received mixed reactions, with some excited about the futuristic tech and others expressing concerns about privacy and job security.

2 min read14 May 2024
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