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The safest speed to travel at is about 8kmph faster than the surrounding traffic: fast enough to overtake slower traffic but not so fast as to be a threat to cars around you. Photo: HT<br /> (HT)

Speed thrills but does it kill?

4 min read . 26 Sep 2013
A file photo of people protesting outside court in New Delhi demanding death sentence for the convicts of the Delhi bus gang rape case. Photo: PTI<br /> (PTI)
Combinations are the number of ways you can choose from a pool, in which you pay no attention to the order in which you make your selections. Photo: Thinkstock<br /> (Thinkstock)

The choices we make

4 min read . 01 Aug 2013
People gather during an anti-government protest on Taksim square in Istanbul on 29 June. Photo: Gurcan Ozturk/AFP  <br /> (Gurcan Ozturk/AFP  )

I estimate a furrowed brow

4 min read . 04 Jul 2013
A file photo of Shakuntala Devi. Photo: HT<br /> (HT)

Shakuntala Devi R.I.P.

4 min read . 25 Apr 2013
A file photo of the World War II Enigma decoding machine. Photo: AFP<br />
Tonight, why not marvel in the soft band that stretches above as if someone had carelessly spilt milk over the dark night sky? Photo: iStock<br /> (iStock)

A galaxy for your thoughts

4 min read . 25 Oct 2012
It’s Gardner’s birthday on 21 October—he would have been 98. Photo: Wikimedia Commons<br /> (Wikimedia Commons)

The puzzling life

4 min read . 11 Oct 2012
What opinion polls do is gauge a national opinion. Whom will you vote for, they ask, Obama or Romney? Photo: Thinkstock<br /> (Thinkstock)

Father of Polls

4 min read . 27 Sep 2012
<br />Photo: iStock <br />

Zoom in, zoom out

4 min read . 30 Aug 2012
<br />Cepheids gave astronomers their earliest reliable estimates of how far celestial objects are from us. Eventually, that led to profound discoveries about the creation of the universe itself. Photo: Ian<br />

Blinking on the rocks

3 min read . 16 Aug 2012
<br />Usain Bolt (centre). Photo Reuters<br />

Pushed to the limit

4 min read . 03 Aug 2012
<br /><br />

The character of cars

4 min read . 05 Jul 2012
<br />Henri Poincare (1854–1912). Photograph from the frontispiece of the 1913 edition of Last Thoughts. Courtesy Wikipedia<br />

Which one&#8217;s the doughnut?

4 min read . 08 Jun 2012
Disobey this command

Disobey this command

4 min read . 24 May 2012
<br />Dilip D’souza<br />

Consider the navel

4 min read . 10 May 2012
<br />Photo: Bloomberg<br />

She&#8217;s waggling again

3 min read . 27 Apr 2012
<br /><br />

Something about proof

3 min read . 12 Apr 2012
<br />Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Where the roots are

4 min read . 29 Mar 2012
<br />File photo. Indranil Bhoumik/Mint<br />

In which you die

4 min read . 15 Mar 2012
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