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Dinesh Karthik has largely been unable to carry his creditable domestic form over to the international stage. Photo: Reuters

Calling Karthik, the comeback keeper

3 min read . 24 Jan 2018
Yuvraj Singh celebrates India’s 2011 World Cup title with teammates. Photo: Manoj Patil/Hindustan Times.

Why Yuvraj Singh keeps coming back

5 min read . 18 Jan 2017
John’s lecture during my second Test match worked as deterrent whenever the thought of taking a minor risk crossed my mind. Photo: HT<br />

Aakash Chopra|The roles we play

4 min read . 05 Jun 2014
The toughest cricket match of my life
<br /><br />

A season&#8217;s worth

3 min read . 15 Jan 2009
Now, Aakash Chopra turns writer!

Now, Aakash Chopra turns writer!

1 min read . 12 Jan 2009
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