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The dynamics of group workouts

10 min read . 08 Jun 2016
<br />What’s your fitness mantra? Krishan Tiwari (in grey T-shirt), a personal trainer, says that for fitness activities such as aerobics, training in a group works as a motivator to better performance. Pra<br />

Your fitness style: Social or solo?

5 min read . 28 Jun 2010
<br />Winning stroke: Michael Phelps set a world record with eight golds at the Beijing Olympics in 2008. AFP<br />

The water workout

3 min read . 29 Mar 2010
<br />Stay fit: Run for your life.<br />

Why you should think of running

3 min read . 24 Apr 2009
<br />Spice girl: Sarina Jain keeps time with the beat of the dhol.<br />

Get up, get moving

3 min read . 22 Dec 2007