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Investors fear deep science and deep tech start-ups since their route to commercialization seems longer than that for start-ups based solely on digitizing existing business models.

Investing in arresting ageing

5 min read . 22 Jan 2018
The advances in science have brought us to the point where scientists now foresee a future where ageing can be slowed. Photo: AFP

End of ageing

1 min read . 08 Dec 2017
Two University of Arizona researchers claim to have ‘proved that it’s mathematically impossible to halt ageing in multi-cellular organisms like humans’. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint

You will grow old, live with it

4 min read . 01 Nov 2017
There is a really fine line dividing what constitutes cool and what is utterly preposterous—and the wearer does not always get to decide that. Photo: iStock<br />

Letter from a men’s wardrobe

5 min read . 27 Aug 2017
Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint
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