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Food prices to soften from July-end on expectations of better crops: Khare

Agriculture contributes about 14% to India’s gross domestic product, underscoring the importance of a favourable monsoon for economic growth.

6 min read14 Jun 2024

Agri Investment Platforms: From benefits to risks; all you need to know

Agri-investment platforms offer tax-free income through investments in agriculture. Retail investors can start with as low as ₹5,000, diversify their portfolio, and earn significant returns. However, risks include unpredictable profits, weather uncertainties, and lack of regulation by SEBI or RBI.

4 min read10 May 2024

Shrivelled paddy, wilted gram signal a lousy harvest ahead

Farmers in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu have reportedly been witnessing wilting in Bengal gram (chana) and shrivelling of paddy and cobs in maize

5 min read9 Apr 2024

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Tata Steel

Tata Steel shares fell by -2.58% at closing today.

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