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Heat or not, Indians are flying high

Record-high searches and bookings are defying the summer heat, keeping the skies busy.

3 min read5 May 2024

Executive flights on corporate jets worth millions more than reported

A WSJ analysis shows the wide gap between what companies report spending on CEOs’ personal travel and what it would have cost the executives.

5 min read29 Apr 2024

Behind the Alaska Blowout: a Manufacturing Habit Boeing Can’t Break

Snafus in production means work gets completed out of sequence. “It creates opportunities for failure.”

4 min read11 Mar 2024

Indian Airlines Shouldn’t Gamble With Stricter Safety

Now’s not the time for short-term thinking when the industry has years of growth ahead of it. Carriers should remember that fearful flyers are bad for business.

3 min read8 Mar 2024

The All-Out Fight for Your Airport-Lounge Loyalty

United Airlines and Capital One up the ante in Denver as lounge options proliferate for fliers.

5 min read28 Feb 2024

Airlines Are Flying to New Cities, and That Means Deals

Carriers are introducing new routes to places like Norfolk, Va., and Tulum, Mexico. It could be your ticket to a cheaper flight.

4 min read27 Feb 2024

IndiGo launches daily direct flights between Hyderabad and Bangkok

Hyderabad now joins the ranks of six other Indian cities with direct connections to Bangkok on IndiGo’s network. This launch comes after a year of significant expansion for IndiGo in Hyderabad, adding six new international destinations to its offerings.

1 min read26 Feb 2024

BOC Aviation partners with IndiGo for Four Airbus A320NEO Aircraft

Singapore-based aircraft leasing company BOC Aviation and IndiGo have signed a deal for four Airbus A320NEO aircraft, supporting IndiGo’s expansion plans.

1 min read14 Feb 2024

Inhumane: Anupam Mittal criticizes IndiGo on flight delay, no refund; Airline issues apology CEO Anupam Mittal criticizes IndiGo for delays and lack of refund offer, calling it ’inhumane’.

2 min read8 Feb 2024

2023 airline champs: Vistara grew 1.5 times pre-covid but IndiGo unbeatable

India’s domestic aviation had its best-ever performance in 2023, surpassing 2019. Passenger numbers increased by 5.78% over 2019 and 23.7% over 2022, with a slight increase in departures. Vistara and Air India Express saw the most growth in departures and passengers respectively.

3 min read7 Feb 2024
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