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Participants wore masks and took part in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon last year. Photo: Getty Images

To run or not to run

5 min read . 16 Nov 2018
Runners at this year’s Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Photo: Hindustan Times

A guide to runner etiquette

2 min read . 11 Dec 2017
As the tapering period begins, rest more and pay attention to hydration and nutrition. A file photo from ADHM 2016. Photo: Raj K Raj/ Hindustan Times

Marathoner’s cheatsheet

5 min read . 06 Nov 2017
Neha Menon (in white T-shirt) trains with her group, Himalayans, in Delhi. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint

How to run your first half marathon

6 min read . 19 Sep 2017
Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint<br />

The hitch in scaling up your run

4 min read . 14 Dec 2015
Photo: Sanjeev Verma/Hindustan Times<br />

In the run-up to a marathon

5 min read . 23 Nov 2015
<br /><br />

Staying hydrated in winter

1 min read . 09 Dec 2013
Wall squats: Stretches the lower back muscles<br />

Cracking the core for runners

5 min read . 26 Nov 2013
Tanvir Kazmi loves running outdoors. Photo: Pradeep Gaur/Mint.<br />

I would like to do a 100-miler

3 min read . 24 Sep 2012
Vaidyanathan hopes to run the Antarctica Marathon some day<br />

My core ethic is persistence

3 min read . 18 Sep 2012
<br /><br />

The final mile

7 min read . 18 Sep 2012
Training for a marathon involves a lot of strengthening and stretching exercises as well<br /> (Training for a marathon involves a lot of strengthening and stretching exercises as well)

Go ahead, step up the tempo

6 min read . 04 Sep 2012
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