Mutual Funds: Net AUM declines marginally to ₹53 lakh crore in March, shows AMFI data

Mutual fund folios hit an all-time high of 17.78 crore in March 2024. Retail MF folios also reached a new high of 14.24 crore in March 2024, compared to 13.94 crore in February 2024.

1 min read10 Apr 2024
Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds stress test result: 6 days required for 50% portfolio liquidation of Quant Mid Cap Fund

Mutual Funds stress test result: ‘Our Predictive Analytics tools endorse that there are no classic signs of euphoria in Indian equities at this point,’ said Quant MF

2 min read15 Mar 2024

Amfi writes to MFs about Sebi concern over froth in small, mid caps space

Industry body wants mutual fund trustees to act after Sebi raises concerns about froth building up in the mid and small cap space

2 min read28 Feb 2024

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