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Panels from Kaveri Gopalakrishnan and the author’s work in the fifth ‘Gaysi Zine’

Drawn out

5 min read . 10 Feb 2017
Doing Graphics Stories will see some of the pioneering radical spirits of comics in India and from abroad arrive at the campus of Jadavpur University.

In celebration of comics

2 min read . 11 Jan 2017
Amruta Patil. Photo: Gaby/Mint<br />

Amruta Patil’s Mahabharat

6 min read . 01 Oct 2016
The dominant narrative in appraising JNNURM’s performance was that funds were insufficient, conditions for drawing on the funds excessive and capacity and funding at lower levels insufficient to show results. Photo: Kunal Patil/Hindustan Times<br />

Missing the woods for the trees

4 min read . 19 Jul 2016
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