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Why Big Indian Corporates Are Enhancing Their NBFC Divisions? MINT Explains

On Wednesday Mahindra group acquired 3.35% stake in RBL bank. The Mahindra group’s stake buy is a reflection of a larger trend where big Indian corporates are voyaging into the financial lending space through NBFC route. This is because the Indian credit demand is set to grow at a CAGR of 12%. Burgeoning & young middle class presents a unique case. All major corporates want a share of that . Mint explains.

27 Jul 2023

Life and Legacy of Keshub Mahindra | Mint Primer | Mint

In This Video, We Pay Tribute To Keshub Mahindra And His Remarkable Legacy.

16 Apr 2023

Mahindra Rise, fall and Rise again | Mint Explains | Mint

Mahindra & Mahindra, one of India’s largest conglomerates, has been a major player in the automobile industry for over three decades. Mint Explains how the company transformed from producing Willys Jeeps to becoming a global empire, facing challenges in the 1990s and overcoming them through R&D investments and strategic alliances. The introduction of successful models like the Scorpio and Bolero solidified Mahindra’s position in the market, and the company has since expanded into other sectors and established an international presence in over 70 countries. Mahindra’s success is attributed to its ability to adapt to changing market conditions and invest in cutting-edge technology.

15 Apr 2023

6 key investing lessons from Anand Mahindra for the young entrepreneurs

Anand Mahindra’s investing lessons cannot be taken lightly. Learned after a lot of trials and tribulations, Mahindra shares his life lessons on business that if followed can help traverse through tough times.

3 min read12 Feb 2023

Anand Mahindra heralds India’s ‘electrifying’ future after discovery of lithium deposits

The Union government on Thursday said 5.9 million tonnes of lithium reserves were found, for the first time in the country, in Jammu and Kashmir. Lithium is a non-ferrous metal and one of the key components in EV batteries.

1 min read11 Feb 2023

Sania Mirza reminds Anand Mahindra to ‘keep the desire to excel alive’

Anand Mahindra’s post attracted numerous positive comments.

1 min read6 Feb 2023

Watch: Anand Mahindra buys fruits using e-rupee

Mahindra & Mahindra chairperson Anand Mahindra has recently shared a video on microblogging site Twitter where the billionaire can be seen putting the digital currency to use.

1 min read26 Jan 2023

Can deepfake videos divide us all? Anand Mahindra shares clip to raise ’alarm’

‘Can there be tech-checks that act as a safeguard?’ asked Anand Mahindra.

1 min read22 Jan 2023

‘Nothing comes easy’: Anand Mahindra marvels at Neeraj Chopra’s workout routine, shares video

Anand Mahindra shared a video of Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra on Tuesday, marvelling at his workout routine and the ‘backbreaking’ effort that goes on ’behind-the-scenes’.

1 min read17 Jan 2023

Anand Mahindra praises ISRO as UK’s groundbreaking space mission ends in failure

Indian businessman Anand Mahindra has lavished praise on ISRO on Tuesday even as a groundbreaking British space launch ended in failure after suffering an ‘anomaly’.

1 min read10 Jan 2023
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