Sowmya Santhosh, senior vice-president of HR at Citius Tech, and business analyst Abhishek Prathapan at their Mumbai office.  (Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint)

The real power of creativity at work

4 min read . 18 Feb 2020
Photo: iStock

Opinion | How to defang AI

1 min read . 13 Feb 2020
The show will be webcast from the Mint Facebook page at 10 am on February 11.
Indigo took centre stage at the Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum as part of the exhibition ‘Alchemy’ (Photo courtesy: Kasturbhai Lalbhai Museum)

The art world’s private eye

10 min read . 31 Jan 2020
‘In Between The Densities’, double exposure

Art on a budget

12 min read . 02 Feb 2020
Genesis—The hindru series by Ghiora Aharoni (L) and Hostile Witness by Baaraan Ijlal

Take a stand at India Art Fair 2020

4 min read . 03 Feb 2020
Waylon D’Souza’s photoprints on paper (Photo courtesy:  Waylon D’souza)

Imagining the ‘Anthropo-scene’

9 min read . 31 Jan 2020
‘All The Youth Come Out To Play Ain’t No One Lay in Our Way’, currently on view at the India Art Fair

Marcel Dzama’s Imaginarium

7 min read . 03 Feb 2020
Work by Aditi Singh that will be shown by Chemould Prescott Road at Art Basel, Hong Kong, in March. (Photo courtesy: Art Basel, Hong Kong)

A space for learning

3 min read . 31 Jan 2020
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