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‘Kakai Kata’ (cactus), by Mayank Shyam

A change of art

4 min read . 02 Aug 2019
Amrita (left) and Priya Jhaveri at their new space. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint

Mumbai gets a new frame

4 min read . 08 Sep 2018
Mohan Samant’s ‘Kanyadanam’. Photo: Nature Morte

All eyes set on Frieze

2 min read . 02 May 2018
Photo: iStockphoto

On fixing India’s cultural spaces

4 min read . 24 Mar 2018
On Love and Other Landscapes (2015) by Yazan Khalil. Photos Courtesy: Mumbai Art Room.

Mumbai Art Room: Experiments in art

2 min read . 12 Sep 2017
A Sujith S.N. work from ‘Stains Of Stimuli’ series, part of a show at Latitude 28.<br />

Neighbourly feelings

4 min read . 16 Sep 2015
Designated March Of A Petro-Angel (or Desert March), a 2006 work of oil on canvas by Riyas Komu.<br />

Why see ART?

3 min read . 16 Oct 2014
For a new collector, visiting art fairs where you can discover all sorts of art under one roof, is a good option. <br />

How to collect your first artwork

4 min read . 26 Sep 2014
<br />A step ahead: Viewers had to climb a ladder to view an artwork at Gallery Mirchandani &amp; Steinruecke’s 2008 show Anxious.<br />

The space age

5 min read . 24 Dec 2010
<br />Master strokes: (clockwise from far left) Uday and his mother Uma Jain look through the family’s Souza collection at the Dhoomimal storeroom; one of Souza’s 1985 chemical alterations on paper; and a c<br />

The resurrection of FN Souza

6 min read . 03 Apr 2010
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