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Bal Thackeray’s funeral in Mumbai on 18 November brought together several thousand people from across the state. Photo: Vijayanand Gupta/Hindustan Times <br />

The anxiety that lingers

7 min read . 10 Dec 2012
Mumbai is defined more rigidly than before by religion and class. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint<br />

Island city: Mumbai then and now

12 min read . 10 Dec 2012
The riots exposed the myth of Mumbai’s cosmopolitanism. Photo: Robert Nickelsberg//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images<br />

The poisoned earth

3 min read . 10 Dec 2012
Farooque Mapkar was shot in the shoulder in the Hari Masjid firing in Mumbai’s 1992-93 riots. It took him over 15 years to be acquitted of charges of rioting. Photo: Gopal MS/Mint<br />

And justice for all

9 min read . 10 Dec 2012
Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint<br />

1992: the story of a futile revolt

2 min read . 10 Dec 2012
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