A file photo of INS Vikramaditya. A fresh set of boiler explosions late last month means that the carrier will now be delayed once again into late 2013. Photo: Wikimedia Commons<br /> (Wikimedia Commons)

The ship that won’t sail

1 min read . 10 Oct 2012
<br />A hoot: (left) Hedwig’s in trouble in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—Part 1. Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros; captured spotted owlets in the Lucknow market. Abrar Ahmed<br />

Hedwigs in the hot seat

5 min read . 12 Nov 2010
The Durga Puja zeitgeist

The Durga Puja zeitgeist

12 min read . 08 Oct 2010
<br />Cross-cultural: Aparna and Norden Wangdi crafted this Baku from Banarasi silk. Madhu Kapparath / Mint; Location Shalom, Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi; Model Trishala Harichand<br />


2 min read . 21 Nov 2008
Please walk the talk

Please walk the talk

1 min read . 11 Oct 2007