Best Of Mint Primer 2023 News

Best of Mint Primer 2023

What’s next in the Yes Bank AT1 bonds saga?

Yes Bank’s AT-1 bonds were the first in India where a write-off was triggered

2 min read24 Jan 2023
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A taxing question India can’t resolve: What’s an SUV?

India doesn’t quite know how to define a Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) and that has led to confusion on how to tax them

2 min read23 Feb 2023

Why Generative AI is a house divided

Generative AI has polarized artificial intelligence (AI) experts with some calling for a six-month moratorium on building new systems and others arguing against the idea on the grounds that the benefits of AI far outweigh perceived risks

2 min read31 Mar 2023

Why Telangana has a persistent inflation problem

If there is one state that has an inflation that is consistently the highest among its peers, it is Telangana. At 7.63%, it is almost 200 basis points more than the national average. Mint explains why it is this high, and its implications:

2 min read17 Apr 2023

What rising employee costs mean for IT firms

In uncertain times, companies are likely to cut costs, which has implications on both hiring and salary hikes.

2 min read1 May 2023

12-hr workday: What works and what doesn’t

India wishes to become a global manufacturing hub like China. That calls for reforming archaic labour laws

2 min read24 Apr 2023

Bailing out: What went wrong at Go First Airlines

The airline claims a setback of ₹10,800 crore because 30-50% of its fleet has been grounded since 2020 due to continuing technical issues with Pratt & Whitney engines

2 min read4 May 2023

The bitter truth about artificial sweeteners

The World Health Organization (WHO) last week cautioned against freely replacing sugar with non-sugar substitutes

2 min read23 May 2023

Can India become a developed nation by 2047?

India is currently a lower-middle income country with a GNI per capita of $2,170. It will have to jump two thresholds to become a high-income country—an income greater than $13,205 is currently categorized as high-income

2 min read25 May 2023

Are Indian students fooling varsities down under?

Two Australian universities, Federation University in Victoria and Western Sydney University in New South Wales, stopped taking Indian students from some states in May

2 min read31 May 2023
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