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Kerala: Thakazhy Panchayat in Alappuzha district reports Bird flu outbreak

Authorities order culling of ducks, hens and other domestic birds within one km radius of the affected areasDistrict Collector bans the use and sale of eggs, meat and manure of ducks, chickens, quails and domestic birds in the affected areas

1 min read9 Dec 2021

‘Chicken nor egg’ situation for foodies looking for options in bird flu times

The Red Fort was shut for visitors after samples from a dead crow tested positive for avian influenza

5 min read20 Jan 2021

Bird flu: Centre directs zoos to submit daily report to Central Zoo Authority

The CZA, under the environment ministry, issued an office memorandum directing management of all zoos to strengthen surveillance and aviary managementReporting and monitoring format in the daily report will have the name of the zoo, district, total number of birds in the zoo, among others

2 min read10 Jan 2021

4 crows found dead at Mehsana in Gujarat, sent for lab tests

The carcasses have been sent to a Bhopal-based laboratory to check if they died due to bird flu or some other reason, Mehsana’s animal husbandry officer Dr Bharat Desai saidThe animal husbandry department has collected samples of 50 migratory birds from the Thol lake and sent them to Bhopal for analysis, he said

1 min read7 Jan 2021

Dutch to cull 35,700 chickens after bird flu detected

A transportation ban was imposed for eggs, live birds and other farm products within a 10-km radius of the infected poultry farm in the town of Altforst

1 min read29 Oct 2020

Amid coronavirus scare, bird flu confirmed at two poultry farms in Kerala

Poultry in the affected areas will have to be culled and 25 special teams have been formed for the purpose, said Kozhikode District CollectorState Health Minister downplayed the issue and said it is ’quite natural’ during this season of the year

1 min read7 Mar 2020

India reports outbreak of bird flu virus near Bengaluru

The highly contagious H5N8 bird flu virus was detected on 26 December among birds in the village of Dasarahalli, killing 9 out of 951 birds

1 min read15 Jan 2018

India declares itself free from bird flu

The government on Thursday declared the country free from avian influenza, commonly referred to as bird flu

1 min read6 Jul 2017

Eggs in short supply as South Korea battles worst bird flu outbreak

Analysts say the egg shortage is expected to last at least one year as it could take up to two years for egg and poultry industry to raise baby chickens and rebuild flocks

3 min read4 Jan 2017

India confirms H5N8 bird flu outbreak in Karnataka: OIE

OIE says H5N8 bird flu was confirmed among birds in Karnataka’s Itagi village, and all 1,593 of the birds at risk were culled

1 min read26 Nov 2016
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