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India’s crypto woes persist despite Bitcoin surge

Retail investors in India are still apprehensive about trading in cryptocurrencies for obvious reasons—a lack of regulatory clarity, taxation, and the government’s cautious stance against the sector. But the domestic crypto industry may also have to bear some of the blame

6 min read14 Mar 2024

Bitcoin hits all-time high of $73,000 following release of US CPI data

Over the past 24 hours, Bitcoin surged to an intraday high of $73,127, maintaining a 0.9% increase to $72,920 as of 12:57 pm IST.

2 min read13 Mar 2024

Crypto gets blamed for a real-life currency crisis

Nigeria held two Binance senior employees, an American and a British-Kenyan national, and accused the crypto exchange of undermining the nation’s currency.

6 min read12 Mar 2024

Bitcoin’s price is surging. What happens next?

The cryptocurrency is up by 63% this year

3 min read7 Mar 2024

The Believers Who Rode Bitcoin to a Record High—and the Ones Who Missed Out

Wild fluctuations in the price of bitcoin have left some celebrating windfalls and others kicking themselves for bailing on it.

4 min read6 Mar 2024

Hot New Bitcoin Funds Are Still Waiting for Buy-In from Financial Advisers

Individual investors, who are shifting their bitcoin holdings from more expensive crypto products, appear to be driving the ETF demand.

4 min read13 Mar 2024

Bitcoin’s bounce holds a lesson for central banks

As its fresh peak defies crypto doomsayers, Bitcoin’s value as an artefact of the digital age lies in the mirror it has held up to the way monetary policy is usually conducted everywhere.

2 min read12 Mar 2024

Bitcoin bulls cite a simple reason for its rally: Not enough coins

What makes the cryptocurrency different from just about any other commodity is its tightly constrained supply.

4 min read7 Mar 2024

Bitcoin Funds Pull In Money at Record Pace

BlackRock’s bitcoin ETF is fastest ever to reach $10 billion in assets.

3 min read5 Mar 2024

You Say Bitcoin Is Digital Gold? Maybe It’s Digital Pearls

Almost every previously disruptive technology has ended up being disrupted. Bitcoin could be too.

4 min read24 Feb 2024
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