China is the biggest contributor to world’s greenhouse gas emissions, shows a Global Carbon Project report. Photo: Bloomberg

The China link

1 min read . 15 Nov 2017
India has 15% of the world’s solar power capacity, which makes it self-evident that the path to India’s energy sufficiency lies in renewables, especially solar and wind. Photo: Reuters

Solar businesses for Bharat

4 min read . 31 Oct 2017
Leading With Vision: The Leader’s Blueprint For Creating A Compelling Vision And Engaging The Workforce By Bonnie Hagemann, Simon Vetter and John Maketa 219 pages,Rs599.

Book extract: Leading With Vision

2 min read . 13 Aug 2017
Pendrao Bujji sells 10-15 langurs each month during pre-harvest seasons. Photo: Siva Babu D.

Monkey business

6 min read . 14 Mar 2017