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Plain and festal breads at a market in Samarkand. Photo: iStock

Uzbekistan’s bread winners

3 min read . 19 Jan 2019
How to lounge this weekend

How to lounge this weekend

1 min read . 19 Oct 2018
Yazdani is housed in a building which used to be a Japanese bank. Photo: Nayan Shah/Mint

The bread that makes Mumbai rise

9 min read . 14 Sep 2018
Photo: Samar Halarnkar
The waitress recommends the speckled bread (Bara Brith in Welsh) because they, she reckons, bake the best. Photo: Alamy

Saga of the speckled bread

2 min read . 08 Dec 2017
Modern Food Enterprises is looking to consolidate its position in its core business—the sliced branded bread market—this year, the company officials say. Photo: iStockphoto

Bread maker Modern re-launches brand

3 min read . 24 Jun 2017
Prateek Sadhu.
Sameer Sain, co-founder and managing partner of Everstone Capital. Everstone has interests in food businesses, real estate parks, industrial warehouses and so on. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint

The building of Everstone Capital

22 min read . 17 Oct 2016
Master baker Thomas Ebert.<br />

Germany’s dark secret

7 min read . 30 Sep 2016
Panch Phoron-Spiced Sweet Potato Soup. Photo: Pamela Timms<br />

The art of living cosily

4 min read . 24 Sep 2016
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