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Go easy on refined carbohydrates, sugar and caffeine. All these are exhaustion feeders. Photo: iStock

Why we are always tired

1 min read . 26 Jul 2018
During a detox, curb your craving for carbohydrates with a cup of cinnamon tea. Photo: iStockphoto<br />

Detox—cleanse your body

4 min read . 14 Jun 2016
Berries can help slow cognitive decline. <br />

Foods to boost your brain

3 min read . 12 May 2015
According to the latest guidelines released by the US-based dietary guidelines advisory committee earlier this month, there is not enough evidence to show consumption of high cholesterol food leads to high blood cholesterol. Photo: iStock<br /> (iStock)

Eat the eggs and bacon guilt free!

3 min read . 27 Feb 2015
If you’re always dozing off during the day, consult a doctor—he may prescribe a sleep apnoea test.<br />

From fatigued to fabulous

5 min read . 01 Dec 2014
Eat five-six different vegetables every day.<br />

A checklist for perfect nutrition

3 min read . 16 Sep 2014
Stick to the required amount of protein in a day and do not overload it at any one meal.<br />

Keeping the breakfast balance

4 min read . 21 Jul 2014
US’ Matt Besler during a training session at the Arena da Amazonia on 22 June. Photo: Paulo Duarte/AP<br />

Peanut butter and Parmesan

3 min read . 25 Jun 2014
<br />Energy boosters: Complex, slow-release carbs like vegetables improve glycogen stores in muscles<br />

Carb-up for the long run

2 min read . 28 Aug 2012
Switch to brown or unrefined rice. Photo by Jules/stonesoup/Wikimedia Commons<br /> (Switch to brown or unrefined rice. Photo by Jules/stonesoup/Wikimedia Commons)
<br /><br />

Love portions

4 min read . 01 Dec 2011
<br /><br />

The winning ways of wheat

2 min read . 26 Sep 2011
<br />Carb central: Stock up on them<br />

The food factor

1 min read . 21 Feb 2011
<br />Sweet tooth: Avoid more than two teaspoons of sugar a day.<br />

Why you should say no to sugar

2 min read . 21 Feb 2011
<br /><br />

The impact index

4 min read . 20 Dec 2010
<br />Healthy: Stock up on fruits, greens.<br />

Are good carbs all that great?

2 min read . 20 Sep 2010
<br /><br />

Water: The Fourth Nutrient

3 min read . 19 Apr 2010
<br />Going against the grain: Japanese cuisine, where sticky rice is a staple, is considered healthy. So, how can diabetics and those on weight-loss diets include rice in their meals and not go wrong?<br />

Storm in a rice bowl?

5 min read . 15 Feb 2010
<br /><br />

What kids should eat after practice

1 min read . 22 Sep 2008
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