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The discrimination Dalits and Muslims face in India

A new study using mobile phone surveys found that a significant proportion of Dalits and Muslims face some form of discrimination in India, and that’s may be just scratching the surface

1 min read24 Oct 2018

The leader on a bullock cart

Were it not for this crusader on a bullock cart, taking head-on the mighty and powerful in 1893, generations might have passed before the Pulayas decided, at last, that it was time for them to rise up, standing together to fight

5 min read14 Apr 2018

Groom’s fight to ride horse shows Dalit battle isn’t over

Dalits are still carrying the burden of their caste more than 70 years after Independence. Sanjay Jatav might have won this time, but his case isn’t isolated

1 min read11 Apr 2018

What Supreme Court’s dilution of SC/ST Act means for Dalit women

Crimes against Dalit women constitute the biggest category of crimes against Dalits registered under the SC/ST Act

1 min read6 Apr 2018

Why is blue the colour of Dalit resistance?

B.R. Ambedkar’s blue suit is one of the main reasons Dalits adopted the blue flag. Blue is also the colour of skya representation of non-discrimination, that under the sky everyone is believed to be equal

2 min read4 Apr 2018

How to tell the Dalit story

Sujatha Gidla, author of a book on untouchability, on the pervading caste discrimination in the country

7 min read25 Nov 2017

What ails the Skill India mission?

Caste discrimination and low wages may be undermining gains from the skilling initiative

3 min read25 Aug 2017

Drawing parallels between Dalit and African-American rights in India and US

There is a lot in common in the racism faced by African-Americans in the US and caste discrimination that the Dalits face in India

2 min read28 Jul 2017

Why young men are working less than before

New research shows that the rise of social media platforms and video games may have led young men in the US to work fewer hours

3 min read8 Jul 2017

Social discrimination is a possibility even among broadly similar groups

Individual caste group mattered in determining who got benefits from welfare programmes meant for scheduled castes in Bihar

3 min read4 Mar 2017
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