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Since independence, the gaps in the level of education, income, occupations, and consumption of different caste groups have narrowed. (HT)

How salient is caste in India today?

1 min read . 09 Dec 2019
More than one-third of SC/STs living in Delhi are clustered in 42 high-concentration wards in a city with 234 wards (Photo: Bloomberg)

Geography of caste in urban India

3 min read . 29 Sep 2019
Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint

Towards an internet of equals

9 min read . 31 Aug 2018
Umesh Rudrap and his wife Manju. In July 2017, Rudrap filed the first police case under Maharashtra’s anti-social boycott law. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint

The caste aways

18 min read . 18 Aug 2018
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