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Mon Dec 11 2023 15:59:37
  1. Tata Steel share price
  2. 130.05 0.66%
  1. ICICI Bank share price
  2. 1,017.05 0.6%
  1. HDFC Bank share price
  2. 1,650.75 -0.14%
  1. Bharti Airtel share price
  2. 997.45 -0.21%
  1. State Bank Of India share price
  2. 614.35 0.06%
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ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence technology-driven chatbot. It was released by Open AI in November-December and since then it has seen exponential growth recently. ChatGPT can solve math problems, code, write business strategies and generate break up texts along with many other problems. It is like a large language model, GPT, which stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. Its advanced conversational capabilities have been making headlines. Rival companies such as Google and Amazon are also working on their generative AI platforms to catch on the trend. Get the latest ChatGPT news, videos, headlines, breaking news, opinions, special reports and more here.
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