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COP28 leaders call for ‘transitioning away’ from fossil fuels in final push at climate talks

The United Arab Emirates, which is hosting the conference, is seeking a compromise that calls for accelerating a clean-energy shift this decade.

1 min read13 Dec 2023

COP28 Summit in Dubai: Indian climate activist Licypriya Kangujam storms stage. Know more about her

COP28 Summit in Dubai: A 12-year-old protester burst on to the stage at the COP28 climate summit in Dubai on Monday, holding a sign above her head that read: ‘End fossil fuels. Save our planet and our future’.

2 min read12 Dec 2023

At COP28, Hopes Dim For Fossil Fuel Phaseout

The latest draft by U.A.E. negotiators calls for energy technologies such as carbon capture to substitute for some burning of fossil fuels.

2 min read12 Dec 2023

COP28 sees many firsts — From sustainable fashion show to faith pavilion | Top 5 picks

The first-ever Health Day was hosted at COP28. Besides, world religious leaders, scientists and global political officials came together for the inauguration of the first-ever Faith Pavilion at a COP. Here are top five events that happened for the first time at a COP summit.

2 min read11 Dec 2023

Do Indians care about climate change? Here’s what our survey found.

A majority of Indians acknowledge the urgency of India’s role in addressing climate change, amid other pressing issues. Many also think nature is resilient enough to set itself right.

4 min read11 Dec 2023

India, Sweden prepare for next stage of global low-carbon industry transition

The two nations will present the objectives of the next phase of the Leadership Group for Industry Transition at the climate conference in Dubai

1 min read10 Dec 2023

COP28 Summit in Dubai: Clashes over agreement to phase out fossil fuels after OPEC pushback | Top 10 updates

COP28 Summit in Dubai: With the summit's scheduled to end on Tuesday, government ministers from the nearly 200 countries at the Dubai summit have joined in trying to resolve the fossil fuel impasse.

2 min read10 Dec 2023

Measures vital to survive wrath of climate change

Research shows that a staggering 2.1 million individuals in India face premature deaths annually due to illnesses directly linked to air pollution.

3 min read10 Dec 2023

Future of Fossil Fuels at Stake in Homestretch of Climate Talks

One draft agreement calls for a “phase out” of all burning of coal, natural gas and oil; producers argue the focus should be on emissions.

5 min read9 Dec 2023

COP28: OPEC's 'leaked letter' leaves France, Spain 'stunned' and 'disgusted' | Here's why

OPEC Secretary General Haitham Al Ghais reportedly sent a letter to OPEC members, urging them to block any phase-out or phase-down of fossil fuel use in the final COP28 deal.

3 min read9 Dec 2023
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