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Global CO2 emissions show biggest ever drop in first half of 2020

The global carbon dioxide emissions fell by 1,551 million tonnes or 8.8% in the first six months of this year, the biggest drop for a first half-year period, due to the effects of coronavirus-related restrictions, scientists said

1 min read14 Oct 2020

India Co2 emissions seen falling for first time in decades

March saw 15% reduction in Co2 emissions while the following month saw a 30% reduction

1 min read12 May 2020

The four big climate challenges for India

Successfully responding to climate change requires navigating global politics, reducing coal-dependency, reforming agriculture and balancing growth with the environment

5 min read1 Sep 2019

UN body sets CO2 emission cap to limit climate change catastrophe

There's need for urgent,unprecedented and collective action to limit global warming to 1.5C,says IPCC

2 min read9 Oct 2018

Volkswagen emissions manipulation also extended to petrol cars: report

The report says the Volkswagen engineers have told investigators that certain petrol engines in VW, Audi and Porsche vehicles can be used to manipulate emissions tests

1 min read2 Sep 2018

India’s CO2 emissions could double by 2030

Under the current scenario, India's emissions are likely to rise by 91-98% over the 2012 levels by 2030

1 min read31 Aug 2018

What fashion can learn from India’s cyclical heritage

What we need is for apparel manufacturers and retailers to reduce their environmental impact and make better quality clothes that last longer

3 min read20 Apr 2018

Challenges ahead for clean energy

Renewable energy is making enormous progress in India, but it is driven more by targets, governmental support and economics than a consumer push

7 min read28 Sep 2017

Paris climate pact didn’t hold India, China accountable on CO2 emissions: US

Defending Trump's decision to withdraw from Paris climate pact, US says the Agreement did not hold countries like India, China accountable on greenhouse emissions

3 min read3 Jun 2017

India’s 2030 all-electric car target seen ‘ambitious’ by IEA

IEA says the all-electric car target will help India to be among the global leaders in deploying a technology that is crucial to temper increasing oil imports, air pollution, and limit CO2 emissions

2 min read12 May 2017
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