Communicable diseases

Government can promote a healthy diet by limiting the portion size and salt in restaurants.
Risks of lifestyle diseases, particularly ischaemic heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, are very high in Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Haryana and Andhra Pradesh. Photo: iStockphoto
As one might expect, the causes of death vary based on age group. As people become older, chances of being claimed by circulatory and cardiovascular diseases increase. Photo: iStockphoto

What’s killing Indians?

2 min read . 12 Oct 2016
Experts predict that more than 60 million Indians will succumb to Non-communicable diseasess by 2020. Clearly, the government must strive to avert the health crisis looming on the horizon. Photo: Indranil Bhoumik/Mint<br />

Healthcare funding options needed

4 min read . 25 May 2016