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The Coronavirus pandemic broke out in December 2019 in Wuhan, China and travelled to India in early 2020. It was eventually termed as a pandemic and the governments across the world had to announce lockdowns to curb the spread of the disease. The Indian government also responded with widespread lockdowns, quarantines, treatment facilities and a vaccine drive. Production lines and businesses were shutdown, impacting economic activity and economic growth. While the virus has mutated many-folds, but the disease still continues to exist. Mint has been covering all

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Supreme Court Spurns Musk’s Twitter Sitter Appeal in SEC Win

The US Supreme Court rejected an appeal from Elon Musk in his “Twitter sitter” case, leaving intact his agreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission to have an in-house lawyer pre-approve his social media posts about Tesla Inc.

2 min read30 Apr 2024

Making sense of equity markets is a challenge: Look at RBI’s attempt

A recent RBI working paper is a welcome addition to the literature on this subject even if it doesn’t explain markets to our satisfaction. It’s not an easy task—as a review of Nobel wins can testify. Recall the theory-driven LTCM’s collapse?

2 min read30 Apr 2024

CEO’s exit: Another bump in Ola’s ride?

IPO-bound Ola Cabs saw its chief Hemant Bakshi resign after barely four months in the post. What’s up? Going-electric jitters? Its path will be under watch.

1 min read30 Apr 2024

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