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The crowning moment in automotive M&As came when Tata Motors acquired the iconic Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) division from Ford Motor. Photo: Bloomberg<br />

India looking outwards

7 min read . 03 May 2016
Tata Steel’s woes, though, could have an additional set of triggers, which could include the UK’s geo-political snuggling-up to China, or even the country’s vexed relationship with the European Union (EU). Photo: Reuters  (Reuters)

Lessons from Tata Steel

4 min read . 22 Apr 2016
In a statement on 18 April, Tata Steel said it had reached out to 190 potential financial and industrial investors worldwide. Photo: AFP<br /><br />

Tata Steel Europe: winner’s curse?

10 min read . 22 Apr 2016
The combined capacity in the UK is close to 7 million tonnes of the total 13 million tonnes of steel-making capacity Tata holds across Europe. Photo: Reuters<br />

The options before Tata Steel in UK

6 min read . 05 Apr 2016
Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint<br />
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