How to fund your start-up dream

How to fund your start-up dream

4 min read . 27 May 2019
The ‘crowdsourcing’ aspect of how the site attracts content, which in turn attracts advertisers, is not dissimilar, at least at its heart, to other models that have disrupted commerce by using a ‘digital’ alternative. Photo: Sneha Srivastava/Mint
A still from Bhaskar Hazarika’s ‘Kothanodi’.

Fund the film you want to see

5 min read . 01 Dec 2017
Hyperloop India’s OcraPod. Photo: Twitter/@HyperloopInd

Crowdfunding Indian hopes and fears

5 min read . 23 Nov 2017
Oculus VR, a virtual-reality-headset maker, used crowdfunding platform Kickstarter early in its life, collecting votes in the form of pre-orders at $300 or more. Photo: Bloomberg

How businesses should use crowdvoting

2 min read . 21 Sep 2017
The Sebi directive comes against the backdrop of an increase in crowdfunding activity in the start-up space and the absence of any law to govern it. Photo: Mint