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The War Over Burying Nuclear Waste in America’s Busiest Oil Field

Plans to store used nuclear fuel temporarily in the Permian Basin could boost the nuclear sector, but oil-and-gas producers are pushing back.

4 min read19 Feb 2024

Kerala serious fraud probe has ’broad scope’

The investigation into the affairs of two private firms and a state public sector enterprise is likely to get bigger

2 min read18 Feb 2024

A Texas Oil Driller Banks a $26 Billion Deal, With Regrets

Autry Stephens, 85, said he is selling the oil driller he founded, Endeavor, sooner than he would have liked.

6 min read13 Feb 2024

Oil Profits Keep Flowing for Exxon and Chevron

U.S. giants join Shell in posting strong earnings, but face an uncertain outlook as countries vow to phase out fossil fuels.

3 min read2 Feb 2024

While India’s Oil Imports From Russia Decline; China Becomes Top Destination For Russian Oil

While India’s Oil Imports From Russia Decline; China Becomes Top Destination For Russian Oil #india #china #russia #oilimport #petrol #diesel #crudeoil #ukraine #israel #saudiarabia #narendramodi #putin #xijinping #mbs #oil #europe #venezuela #usa

24 Jan 2024

Exxon Sues Two ESG Investors

The oil giant says Arjuna Capital and Follow This want Exxon’s oil-and-gas business to shrink, putting them at odds with shareholders.

4 min read22 Jan 2024

A Fracker Tries to Produce ‘Guilt-Free’ Gas

BKV, a natural-gas producer, says it will bury enough carbon dioxide to offset emissions generated in making and burning its gas. Can it?

5 min read28 Dec 2023

Brent crude to remain range-bound in near term, may witness some decline: Emkay

Brokerage house Emkay Wealth Management, the advisory arm of Emkay Global Financial Services, expects Brent crude to trade in a range-bound pattern in the near term with a likelihood of some decline.

2 min read26 Dec 2023

OPEC Is Losing Its Mojo on Wall Street

Recent production cuts by the cartel and its allies haven’t led to sustained higher oil prices.

4 min read25 Dec 2023

Petrol, diesel may get cheaper as OMCs become profitable: Report

In contrast to peak losses of ₹17 per litre on petrol and ₹35 per litre on diesel in 2022, OMCs are now making a profit of ₹8-10 per litre on petrol and ₹3-4 per litre on diesel.

1 min read11 Dec 2023
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