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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency which was created as an alternative form of payment using encryption algorithms. They’re blockchain technology-based intangible assets. They require a digital wallet to be used that stores your encryption keys that confirm your identity and link to your cryptocurrency. They’re relatively new and are a volatile market trade that is currently at the peak of its growth. These currencies can be mined and traded on online platforms but are risky financial assets. There are many cryptocurrencies available at present. Bitcoin is th

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Bitcoin hits $57,000 mark, the highest in two years on strong ETF inflows

The last time it traded at this level was in December 2021 when it achieved an all-time high of almost $69,000 the preceding month.

2 min read27 Feb 2024

Bitcoin rally: What is bitcoin halving that is seen responsible for the bull run?

One of the significant events of bitcoin is halving when the reward for mining is reduced by half. The last halving was done on May 11, 2020 while the next halving is scheduled to take place in the middle of 2024 following which the block reward will decline to 3.125 bitcoins.

3 min read21 Feb 2024

Franklin Templeton registers for spot Ethereum ETF amid growing competition

Franklin Templeton joins seven other ETF providers in the race to introduce spot Ethereum ETFs, after all contenders rolled out spot Bitcoin products in January.

1 min read13 Feb 2024

Bitcoin surges to $50,000 for the first time since 2021 on ETF demand

The price of Bitcoin tripled in value since the start of 2023, driven by optimism around the approval of Bitcoin ETFs.

3 min read13 Feb 2024

Bitcoin surges past $46,000, close to month-highs on ETF inflows, plans for halving

Bitcoin’s rally continues, reaching $46,166, with smaller tokens also seeing gains. The launch of US spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds and the conversion of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust into an ETF has attracted $8 billion in net inflows.

1 min read9 Feb 2024

Indian banker in London loses over ₹1.2 crore to crypto fraud; how to protect yourself from falling prey?

A similar incident happened to a 37-year-old man in Bengaluru who met a woman named Megha Raghavan on a matrimonial site and eventually lost ₹76.2 lakh.

3 min read7 Feb 2024

Budget 2024: Crypto industry’s wait for lower tax rates continues

The crypto industry players assert that the virtual and digital assets (VDA) industry was looking forward to slashing of capital gain tax rate and TDS, however, their hopes have not been dashed, albeit pushed to a later date

2 min read1 Feb 2024

Budget 2024: Crypto industry players want 1% TDS to be slashed; full-fledged regulatory framework in place

Cryptocurrency industry’s representatives urge the authorities to reduce the 1 percent tax levied on VDA transactions and 30% capital gains tax. They also insist that a regulatory framework with regards to digital currencies is the need of the hour

2 min read25 Jan 2024

Bitcoin falls to $40,000, at seven-week low amid Bitcoin ETF launch

Bitcoin’s value declines by 3.98% to $39,938.00, marking its lowest point since December 4.

1 min read23 Jan 2024

Bitcoin - 15 years and counting: Key facts to know about the first cryptocurrency in the world

Some of the industry representatives MintGenie spoke to believe that bitcoin is set to play a big role in the finance industry in the near future.

4 min read22 Jan 2024
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