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Fewer slides in a presentation are likely to be more effective. Reflecting on these principles can make executives more sensitive to the real issues in offices. Photographs from iStockphoto

6 new principles for our cubicles

5 min read . 10 Sep 2017
From the extreme minimalist to the happy mountaineer and the great achiever, office-goers can be segmented into various types. Photo: iStockphoto

What your cubicle says about you

5 min read . 04 Jun 2017
<br /><br />

Let’s bring back our cubicles

4 min read . 10 Dec 2015
Try closing your eyes and reciting a ‘mantra’ or download a meditation app.<br />

Save yourself from cubicle stress

5 min read . 19 May 2014
Over the many dozens of editions of ‘Cubiclenama’ I have badgered my fellow cubiclists to find ways of injecting excitement and enjoyable turbulence into their professional and personal lives. Photo: Mint<br />

Goodbye Cubiclenama

4 min read . 25 Apr 2014
Photo: Bloomberg<br />

Cubiclenama | Mutton chilli fry

4 min read . 19 Apr 2014
Some situations are too complex for truth, and some people, to paraphrase an old Mohanlal dialogue, simply can’t handle the truth. Photo: Hemant Mishra/Mint<br />

Cubiclenama | Truth is overrated

4 min read . 11 Apr 2014
If the client wins, you do too<br />

Flying solo

3 min read . 06 Apr 2014
Photo: AFP<br />

Cubiclenama | Home sweet home

4 min read . 29 Mar 2014
Far too often when we celebrate “low-cost”, I am afraid we really mean “exploited people”. Photo: AFP<br />

Cubiclenama | The problem with cheap

4 min read . 22 Feb 2014
Office culture seems to be something you just can’t help but hate. You may be bowled over when you first join a new firm. Or you may be one of those grizzled veterans who try and ignore things like culture. Photo: ThinkStock<br />

Cubiclenama | Stormy weather

4 min read . 09 Aug 2013
A file photo of Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Photo: Wikimedia Commons<br /> (Wikimedia Commons)

Understanding certainties

4 min read . 15 Jul 2013
Photo: iStockphoto<br /> (iStockphoto)

Cubiclenama | To err is human

4 min read . 19 Apr 2013
Stock analysts churn out buckets of dross every day of every year, most of which is pointless 15 minutes after publishing. Photo: iStock<br /> (iStock)

Cubiclenama | Almost 100% uncertain

4 min read . 05 Apr 2013
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