The tours incorporate food with other areas of interest, such as history and art.

Take a trip to cook, eat, savour

3 min read . 07 Jun 2019
Chef Ignacio Solana; and his signature lobster salad. Photo: Rohit Chawla

Portrait of a chef: Ignacio Solana

2 min read . 21 Dec 2018
Various food items are used as symbols of prosperity and plenty in wedding rituals across the country. Photo: Alamy

Food for the bride and groom

6 min read . 02 Dec 2018
Coffee-picking at an estate in Coorg. Photo: iStock

From forest to plate in Coorg

7 min read . 22 Oct 2018
The teams behind Neighbourhood Hospitality and Food Matters at Miss T. Photo: Aniruddha chowdhury/Mint

The many cooks of Colaba

3 min read . 28 Jul 2018
Ribollita, adapted from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s ‘River Cottage Veg Every Day’. Photo: Pamela Timms

A bowlful of monsoon greens

3 min read . 20 Jul 2018
Pit cooking is a traditional technique used in various parts of the country. Photo: Alamy

The enduring appeal of pit cooking

6 min read . 13 Jul 2018
Dining on Taquile Island in the middle of Lake Titicaca, Peru. Photo: Samar Halarnkar

Carrots, rice and the simple life

4 min read . 10 Nov 2017
The heat of ‘choi’ lies in its roots and fleshy stem and its fruit is not used for cooking in Bengal. Photo: iStockphoto
Broilers can’t match the heavy feel and flavour of ‘nati’ chicken. Photos: Samar Halarnkar

The country life down south

5 min read . 28 Apr 2017
The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Museum-hopping for a bite

5 min read . 17 Mar 2017
Sakai steel knives have set the benchmark for knife-making the world over..

Sakai: The city of knives

3 min read . 10 Mar 2017