Pilgrims outside the Chaityabhoomi shrine. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint

The day Shivaji Park turns blue

9 min read . 15 Dec 2018
A dish made with ‘puroi xaak’. Irin Kashyap

The melancholy of the vines

5 min read . 11 Nov 2018
Ragul and Awad represent the indignities of Dalit lives in their powerfully distinctive styles. Photo: Getty Images

Crusaders against cruelty

4 min read . 29 Oct 2018
In spite of the Supreme Court ruling, social acceptance of women entering Sabarimala is a work in progress. Photo: AFP
Illustration: Jayachandran/Mint

Towards an internet of equals

9 min read . 31 Aug 2018
(From left) Sachin Bhimsakhare, Sudheer Rajbhar, Suresh Agawane and Gangaram at the Chamar Studio workshop in Dharavi. Photo: Aniruddha Chowdhury/Mint

Mumbai’s Dalit workers turn designers

10 min read . 28 Aug 2018