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Will UPI cash deposit facility render debit cards irrelevant?

RBI’s decision to allow UPI for cash deposits at ATMs may render debit cards irrelevant as mobile payments surge. Debit card usage has stagnated, while mobile payments have more than doubled in the last three years, according to RBI data.

2 min read18 May 2024

How to claim insurance amount from Rupay debit cards? Here’s all you need to know

Many Rupay cardholders are unaware of the complimentary insurance coverage on their cards, which provides a lump sum in case of accidental death or disability.

6 min read16 Apr 2024

Union Bank of India rolls out two unique debit cards for HNIs and women. Details here

Along with international lounge access, Union Bank of India’s women specific debit card offers free health check-up and free personal accident cover & air accident cover

1 min read8 Sep 2023

Canara Bank hikes debit card service charges on all card variants

The public sector lender Canara Bank has hiked its debit card service charges on various card types.

1 min read16 Jan 2023

Major Pros and Cons of Credit Card Usage | Mint Primer

There Are A Lot Of Good Reasons Why One Should Stay Away From Credit Cards, As Most People Use Them Irresponsibly And End Up In Debt. However, If One Can Use The Credit Card Prudently, Not Only Can One Can Enjoy Interest-Free Money For Up To 60 Days, But Also Earn Rewards Or Cashback For Using The Credit Card. In This Video, We Will Discuss The Primary Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using A Credit Card. #prosandcons #creditcard #finance #mint Subscribe Now For Latest Updates-

8 Dec 2022

RuPay and Master card: What makes them different?

Each bank offers its own debit card to customers, but most of these cards can broadly be divided into three categories - Visa, MasterCard and RuPay card. Read further to know what these cards offer.

3 min read27 Nov 2022

How card tokenization is changing your online purchase | Mint Primer

Tokenizing credit and debit cards are a way to reduce the number of places where your card data can be found. For instance, payments on Uber showed a warning that your card data will be saved with payment gateways such as Visa and Mastercard.

18 Nov 2022

What’s better: A credit card or debit card?

A credit card allows you to borrow money for your usage at a predetermined interest rate whereas a debit card will let you spend your own money through a plastic card.

5 min read25 Apr 2022

What you need to know if you’re getting a new credit/debit card after 16 Mar

For international transactions, online transactions, contactless transactions, customers will have to separately set up services on their new cardThe new rules are part of RBI’s 15 January notification issued for security and transparency purposes

1 min read15 Mar 2020

Your debit and credit cards may soon get disabled for online transactions

If the customer wants to use the card outside India, they need to ask the bank to enable international transactionsThe Reserve Bank of India has recently introduced a host of measures to curb banking fraud and misuse of cards

1 min read14 Mar 2020
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