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Demat Account: How to benefit from corporate announcements?

Corporate actions include various benefits for investors like dividends, bonuses, and rights issues. Staying updated on company announcements is crucial for investors to make informed decisions impacting stock prices and investment strategies.

3 min read17 Apr 2024

Demat Account: Benefits of handling mutual fund investments through demat

Demat accounts streamline mutual fund investments by offering convenience and accessibility.

4 min read17 Apr 2024

Demat Account: What are the investment limits? Find out here

Demat accounts help investors to buy and sell a wide range of securities, including stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and derivatives, conveniently through online trading platforms.

3 min read17 Apr 2024

Demat Accounts: What is a Unique Client Code and why does it matter?

The Unique Client Code serves as a vital identification number assigned to clients by brokers, a mandate set by regulatory authorities. To uphold client privacy, brokers issue each client a distinct alphanumeric UCC

3 min read16 Apr 2024

Total demat accounts hit new high, jump to over 15 crore in March

According to domestic brokerage house Motilal Oswal Financial Services, the total number of demat accounts jumped to 15.1 crores in March 2024, with new account additions surging to 31 lakhs in the previous month.

3 min read12 Apr 2024

Demat Account: How to get portfolio diversification right? Here are 9 ways

Diversification is the cornerstone of intelligent investing, essential for managing risks effectively when investing for the long haul. Here are some key steps you should follow to optimise the use of a demat account for portfolio diversification.

4 min read12 Apr 2024

Demat Accounts: How to operate them through mobile apps and ensure security?

Mobile phones in India have transformed trading, making it convenient and accessible. Retail investors can now open demat accounts quickly using mobile apps. Mobile trading has gained popularity, especially during lockdowns, allowing retail investors to open demat accounts easily.

5 min read12 Apr 2024

How is a demat account different from a bank account? Here are the key distinctions

A demat account and a bank account serve different purposes and have distinct features. Let's take a look at how they differ.

4 min read8 Apr 2024

Demat Account: What precautions should you take while using it?

A demat account acts as an entry point into stock investing, offering convenience and security. Retail investors should follow precautions like regular monitoring, preventing inactivity, and avoiding herd mentality to maintain a smooth demat account flow.

4 min read8 Apr 2024

Demat Account: All you need to know about off-market transfer and how it functions

Off-market trades provide a direct settlement option for retail investors, allowing for consolidation of holdings and transfers between family members. Investors can use online platforms like CDSL Easiest and SPEED-e for seamless transactions.

4 min read5 Apr 2024
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