The Derivatives Boom

The Derivatives Boom News

Everyone wants to be a millionaire. While trading in equities seems to be a popular way of doing that, investors these days have taken to derivatives trading to get rich quickly. But with all such ‘get-rich-quick’ schem

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Trading in derivatives? Get ready to show your grades

Bourses propose testing knowledge, risk profile of retail investors

4 min read06:30 AM IST

RBI reiterates need for underlying forex exposure for rupee derivatives transactions

The reiteration comes after the central bank observed misuse of its 2014 directive, which allowed users of currency derivatives to hold positions up to $10 million without having to provide evidence on the underlying exposure

1 min read5 Apr 2024

Mint explainer: Is it the end of exchange-traded currency derivatives?

A notification from the RBI has restricted the use of exchange-traded currency derivatives (ETCD) offered by exchanges for hedging with effect from 5 April.

3 min read3 Apr 2024

For brokers worried over currency derivatives, clarity may be on way

The RBI's 5 January circular said that users can take exposure up to $100 million across all contracts involving the rupee

3 min read1 Apr 2024

Commodity derivatives are good for farmers – provided the government stops meddling in markets

The finance ministry has approved derivatives trading for 13 new commodities, but this will help improve price discovery and farmers’ incomes only if the government stops suspending and banning these markets at will.

3 min read4 Mar 2024

Props pump up derivatives volume; retail falls behind

Proprietary traders’ share of gross turnover surged to 59.5% in Apr-Dec 2023, up 783 bps from a year ago, while retail investors’ market share dipped

3 min read16 Feb 2024

India’s growing cult of derivatives trading, in charts

The equity derivatives segment has seen an influx of investors, especially in the retail segment, in recent years. While it has gained immense prominence, there are some hard truths that are difficult to ignore.

2 min read6 Dec 2023

Sebi should educate investors but not over-regulate derivatives

Though the vast majority of derivatives traders lose money, they perform an important function by increasing liquidity in stock markets, making them more efficient

3 min read30 Nov 2023

Mint Primer: When the tail wags the dog: Futures & options

The rise in options volumes despite huge losses faced by retail investor has Sebi worried

2 min read22 Nov 2023

New lottery: The human cost of F&O trade

Influenced by ‘experts’, retail traders are flocking to derivatives trading. Most lose their money

11 min read5 Nov 2023
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