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The one thing that stands out in BJP’s manifesto is aviation. Can the promises fly?

The BJP election manifesto big on civil aviation but the devil lies in the details

2 min read10:16 AM IST

Retail investors and the art of burning hard earned money

Ask yourself, does an outflow of ₹94 crores (not a typo error), actually mean much given the total money under management smallcap funds is a cool ₹2,43,368 crores? Well, if you are an optimist, you could call this a start. If you are a realist, then, this is a joke.

3 min read15 Apr 2024

Mint Explainer: How the Iran-Israel conflict impacts India

A conflict between the two nations threatens regional stability, which in turn threatens India’s need for investments and energy imports from West Asia.

2 min read14 Apr 2024

Tesla needs India more than India needs Tesla

The electric-vehicle maker faces slowing sales growth, while India’s EV market, though tiny, is growing rapidly.

2 min read14 Apr 2024

Mint Explainer: The crisis of educated unemployed youth

It is a problem the next government needs to consider as India looks to become a $5 trillion economy. The policy agenda should involve making production and growth more employment-intensive, improving the quality of jobs, and making skills-training and active labour market policies more effective

5 min read14 Apr 2024

Vi’s chances of staying afloat brighten. Graduating India’s remaining voice-only users to 4G+ data use is its best hope

While plans to raise funds gives some breathing space to the struggling telco, Vodafone-Idea needs to turn its focus on gaining market share and breaking the duopoly forming in India’s telecom industry to survive.

3 min read15 Apr 2024

Supreme Court’s Delhi Metro verdict opens a Pandora’s box for public-private infra projects

Last year the finance ministry instructed state-owned companies not to contest adverse awards to help build a non-adversarial climate on arbitration. The Supreme Court’s verdict undercuts those instructions.

3 min read12 Apr 2024

India’s creeping port acquisitions open a sea of opportunities for local firms

After Maldives, which has begun to hand over its port at Male to China, the involvement in Sittwe signals victory for India at the opposite end of the Indian Ocean

3 min read12 Apr 2024

Sensex at 75k: Why the bulls are unusually calm on the eve of an election

Stable market conditions and hopes of policy continuity regardless of the outcome of the polls are keeping the bulls in business.

3 min read10 Apr 2024

Mint Explainer: Behind the worst bank deposit crunch in nearly 20 years

A high credit-deposit ratio, in the absence of funding sources other than deposits, could limit the ability of lenders to grow or impact profitability

3 min read9 Apr 2024
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