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Digital projected to grab a lion’s share of the ad pie

Advertisers are likely to push the boundaries on digital with innovations

3 min read21 Jul 2021

Digital Gurus | ’OTT enabler’ Apalya Technologies’ COO on industry’s future

With the over-the-top services industry quickly expanding in India, Chief Operating Officer of Apalya Technologies, Venugopal Iyengar, comments on the current trends, as well as the possible future, of the industry. Apalya Technologies describes itself as an ’OTT enabler’. The company started with mobile TV and says that it now serves every major telco in South Asia & Middle East.

15 Oct 2019

Sunil Kamath reveals ShareChat’s monetisation strategy

Get up, close and personal with India’s Digital Gurus in this weekly show. They not only share their growth story, key insights and vision but also let you on future growth mantras in the fast-moving space. In Episode 1, ShareChat’s Chief Business Officer Sunil Kamath explains the potential of the vernacular media space and reveals the company’s strategy to add a monetization layer by 2020. Tune in for more details.

5 Sep 2019

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