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The emergence of e-commerce platforms is an example of how digital revolution can lower transaction costs, increase productivity as well as make it more inclusive. Photo: Bloomberg (Bloomberg)

India’s great leap into services

5 min read . 09 Oct 2017
Community practices and diktats take over personal choices and ownership. For example, a girl may have a personal mobile phone, however it is her family or even the community that decides how she can use it.

Privacy and the Indian culture

4 min read . 21 Sep 2017
Aadhaar, which provides a unique 12-digit identification to 1.1 billion Indians today, forms the bulwark of a digital economy and is unparalleled anywhere in the world in its sheer scope and outreach. Photo: HT
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IoT: an imperative for digital era

2 min read . 20 May 2016
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