The recovery in tractor and farm-equipment sales that was expected in the second half of 2015-16 looks unrealistic at this juncture. Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint<br />

Prolonged downturn for tractors

1 min read . 30 Nov 2015
In recent years, an increasing number of businesses are resorting to layoffs as part of a long-term strategy to remain competitive.<br />

Road map to a downsizing plan

7 min read . 21 Dec 2014

Insuring a future

24 Jan 2014
In 2001-02, average consumer price inflation for industrial workers was a mere 4.3%. For 2012-13, consumer price inflation is in double digits. Photo: Priyanka Parashar/Mint<br /> (Priyanka Parashar/Mint)

A tale of two economic downturns

4 min read . 14 Apr 2013